Argital Argiltubo Clay Paste 250ml


For a radiant and young skin. The skin that is treated with care, with natural products that contain pure ingredients, will respond by shining and radiating good health.


Clay is a natural healer. The Argital marine green clay is particularly unique and rare, due to its marine origin. Rich in minerals such as silica (important, since it regenerates and softens the skin), magnesium (for better circulation and skin tone); Calcium (for the renewal of the skin through cell regeneration and anti-oxidant protection) and active enzymes.
It is flexible and detoxifying, helping to extract impurities, as well as possessing powerful anti-aging properties.
Skins that are treated regularly with green clay tend to stay much softer, toned and radiant. The anti-aging and modeling properties are due to its colloidal nature. When the green clay is mixed with water it becomes colloidal and flexible, reflecting the state of a skin


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