Ayluna Ghassoul Moroccan Mineral Spa Clay 400g


– Mild cleansing without surfactants for body and hair.
– Fine powder.
– Suitable for pretreatment with Ayluna plant hair colour.


Ayluna Ghassoul is a traditional beauty secret of the orient: The pure Moroccan mineral spa clay from the Atlas mountains in Morocco is free from surfactants, colourants, scents and preservatives. For basic cleaning of skin and hair mix the desired quantity of mineral spa clay with tepid water to a smooth paste. Apply it, let it work for a short time, rinse. It is also possible to mix mineral spa clay with herbal tea or herbal distillates and intensify it according to the skin and hair type by adding essential oils as desired.

100% vegan, halal

Certified: BDIH Cosmos Natural.


100% Moroccan Lava Clay


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