Flora FMD Flor Essence Tea Blend 63g


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Dry herbal tea blend with amazing detoxifying properties. Also supports healthy bowel function


Please note vat has been added to this product fromNovember 1st as revenue have ruled they are subject to vat @13.5%


Out of stock



Do not use: If pregnant or nursing; if you are allergic to plants of the asteraceae, compositae, daisy, polygonaceae, or brassicacease families; if you are allergic to iodine; if you have had an organ transplant (stemcell transplants are okay). Not recommended for children.


Burdock root* (Arctium lappa), sheep sorrel herb* (Rumex acetosella), slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra), watercress herb (Nasturtium officinale), Turkish rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum), kelp (Laminaria digitata), blessed thistle herb* (Cnicus benedictus), red clover blossom* (Trifolium pratense). * certified organic.


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