Funky Fat Choc Organic No Sugar Plant-Based Bars 50g Creamy White Or Dark Coffee Chocolate


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★ Added MCTs give long-lasting energy and mental clarity.
★ Clean ingredients that don’t spike blood sugar or mess up your hormones.
★ Helps curb cravings and feel satisfied for hours.

Low Carb | Gluten Free | Certified Organic | Plant Based | Sugar Free | Keto


Dark Coffee

We had to. Coffee is indispensable and so is our coffee-flavoured chocolate bar. If you think there is nothing better than starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee, wait until you add a few squares of Funky Fat Dark Coffee to it, it’ll get you through the entire day!

75% Cocoa butter*, Cocoa mass*, Erythritol*, Natural cocoa powder*, MCT powder* 5% (MCT oil, Acacia fiber), Instant coffee* 2.5%. *Certified organic


Creamy White

With MCTs and Bourbon Vanilla, this is the most delicious, vegan, plant-based, and creamy #1 sugar-free white chocolate bar you will ever taste! It’s the cherry on top of every recipe and as gentle as a warm hug. In other words, you need this.

48% Cocoa butter*, Sweetener Erythritol*, Coconut Milk Powder*, MCT Oil powder derived from coconuts 5% (MCT Oil, Acacia fibre)*, Bourbon vanilla 0,1%*. *Certified organic



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Dark Chocolate + MCT & Coffee, White Chocolate + MCT & Bourbon Vanilla

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