Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Puffs With Honey 375g


Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Puffs Unsweetened is a tasty and nutritious cereal that is great for breakfast. It can be consumed on its own, topped with fruit, mixed with muesli or added to granola for a delicious breakfast. This product holds the IOFGA approved Organic Standard.

Rich in essential amino acids

Rich in Vitamin B1

High in Fibre

Gentle on the digestive system 


Organic puffed spelt grain lightly sweetened with honey. The light way to enjoy spelt.
The spelt grain is puffed by using compression rather than heat. Therefore, nearly all the nutritional goodness is maintained. Naturally high in vitamin B1 and fibre.

Organic Spelt grain puffs, organic honey.



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