Iswari Pancake & Waffle Mix Original Vegan Gluten Free 400g


Original pancake and waffle mix is the ideal mix to have on hand if you want to prepare your pancakes or waffles quickly and easily, for a special, delicious, yet satisfying and nutritious breakfast.

This product is made using a balanced combination of whole ingredients and without added sugars, creating a product with a delicate and versatile flavor. You can customize your pancakes and waffles or just enjoy them, topping them off with fresh fruit and your favorite nut butter.



Whole oat flour (gluten free), ground buckwheat, brown rice flour, ground flaxseeds, lucuma powder, tapioca (cassava) starch, baking powder [corn starch, leavening agents (monocalcium phosphate and bicarbonate sodium)] and fleur de sel. Organic Farming Ingredient.


May contain traces of nuts (almonds and hazelnuts), sesame seeds and peanuts.


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