Kandylas Organic Halva with Honey 200g


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Kandylas Organic Halva with Honey

Probably the most ancient form of halva is the one with honey instead of the more common one with caramel. It has a thicker and stickier consistency .

Ingredients: tahini* (crushed hulled sesame seeds*) honey

* May contain traces of nuts

Net weight: 200g


Out of stock


Halva is an ancient-old dessert of the eastern Mediterranean with many variations to its name. They all share the fact that a good halva is a hand-made one. Halva making is a labour intensive procedure involving mixing hot caramel and tahini until their union reaches the desired crunchy texture. Then halva is ready to receive the additional/ ingredients for extra flavour.

Kandylas organic halva packs the taste and consistency of a real hand-made halva, created with passion and knowledge


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