Kerzenfarm Hahn Hurricane Candle Apple Cinnamon


Candle farm cock scented candle Hurricane. Enjoy this new scented candle. A fragrance oil is incorporated into the hard, non-melting wax coat. After the tea light is lit slowly the wax heats up. The fragrance unfolds very discreetly. It is the scent of spices, herbs and plants processed in the candle.


Additional Information:

Never leave burning candles unattended.
Do not burn candles close to children and pets.
Do not burn candles close to flammable objects.
Always place candles on a fireproof and non-tipping surface and, if necessary, use a suitable glass or container as the candles liquefy on firing.
Keep sufficient distance to other burning candles.
Never place burning candles next to or under curtains.
Do not put burning candles near open windows or in draft.
Do not carry burning candles around.
In particular, thicker candles should burn at least until the entire wax surface has become liquid.
The wick should be max. 1 cm long. Carefully cut a longer wick with scissors. Never bend or break a solid wick.
If the edge is too high, please cut it off with a pair of scissors while warm.
By dipping the burning wick into the liquid wax to extinguish the candle and then lifting it up again, it does not fade and is easier to light again.
Please keep candles cool and dry.

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