Le Paludier De Guerande (Celtic Sea Salt) Gros Sel Gris (Coarse Salt) Or Sel Moulu (Ground Salt) 1kg


This Sea Salt is collected in French Brittany, in the Breton salt flats of Guérande. Subsequently, it is left to dry in the sun, making it completely natural. Its characteristic gray color is obtained by preserving the clay particles, the flavor and aroma of Dunalliella Salina algae. This allows Coarse Gray Sea Salt to be a natural source of minerals and trace elements.

This Sea Salt is more natural than other types of salts, since it is free of chemicals. In addition, it contains minerals and trace elements that are essential for maintaining good health.


How to take Coarse Gray Sea Salt?:

It can be used as normal salt in everyday kitchen use for cooking vegetables, dressing food, etc.


Coarse Sea Salt.

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Coarse Salt, Ground Salt

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