Minami MorEPA Cholesterol (60 softgels)


Minami MorEPA Cholesterol is a food supplement that helps maintain and support normal blood cholesterol levels and heart function support. Minami’s superior purity and strength Omega 3 products have long been industry standard for quality.

Provides ultra pure and highly concentrated Omega 3 with plant sterols to support healthy heart function and cholesterol levels. Plant sterols (phytosterols) contribute to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels with a daily intake of 800mg. EPA and DHA are the main fatty acids in Omega 3. They contribute to normal heart function with a daily intake of 250mg


Two soft gels per day


  • Deep sea fish oil concentrate 500mg
  • Omega 3 fatty acids 450mg
    -EPA 315mg
    -DHA 95mg
  • Phytosterol esters 800mg
  • Olive Oil 500mg
  • Artichoke extract 150mg
  • Olive fruit extract 50mg



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