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Optibac Baby & Children Probiotic – Friendly Bacteria 10 sachets (0-12 yrs)


OptiBac Probiotics for babies & children is a natural supplement especially suited to infants, children and pregnant & breastfeeding mothers.


  • OPTIBAC PROBIOTICS FOR BABIES & CHILDREN: Probiotic scientifically proven to reach the gut alive to support your children’s natural gut bacteria
  • 3 BILLION CFU: Optibac guarantees 3 billion live probiotic bacteria in every sachet & 0.5g FOS fibres to increase children’s friendly gut bacteria
  • ADVANCED STRAINS: Especially formulated probiotic supplement for little tummies – contains a blend of 3 of the most researched friendly bacteria strains for babies & children, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the most researched strain in the world
  • VITAMIN D: This digestive supplement has added vitamin D3 to help maintain immune health
  • A VEGETARIAN, MORE NATURAL OPTION: This probiotic for children is vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, flavourless & free from added sugar unlike many other immune system booster supplements. Suitable for children aged 0-12 years

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