Otosan Nasal Wash Kit


Nasal wash is a practice that involves pouring a hydro-saline solution into the nose, allowing the liquid to flow into one nostril and then letting it pour out from the other. Sometimes called a ‘netty pot’.

Many studies have shown that nasal irrigation, if performed on a daily basis, makes it easier to cleanse the mucosa, since it helps to eliminate excess mucus, pollen, crusts and substances accumulated throughout the day, which can compromise normal respiratory health.

The kit includes 30 sachets of saline solution + hyaluronic acid. These sachets are for sale separately on this site – click here for more info. 



  • Fill the bottle with warm drinking water at a temperature of 35-40°C, up to the line indicating the 240 ml level.

  • Dissolve one or two sachets: isotonic or hypertonic solution (*see FAQ section).

  • Shake the bottle until the solution is completely dissolved in water.

  • Tip your head forward slightly, bending towards the sink, and hold the bottle upright.

  • Insert the end of the bottle into one nostril while breathing with your mouth open.

  • Gently press on the base of the bottle. Allow the solution to pour into the nose, coming out of the opposite nostril. While cleansing, breathe with your mouth open. After irrigation, wait a while with your head bent forward.

  • Repeat the same operation in the other nostril.

  • Blow your nose gently.

  • After each use, fill the bottle with water and a few drops of liquid soap, then shake vigorously for eff ective cleansing. When fi nished, rinse and dry thoroughly. We recommend replacing the bottle once every 3 months.

    CE medical device – Carefully read the instructions for use.


Otosan® Nasal Wash Kit contains 30 sachets of saline solution enriched with sodium bicarbonate and hyaluronic acid (International PATENT pending).

The saline solution with 1.1% concentration passes through the nasal cavities and allows thorough rinsing of the cavity, helping to disintegrate the bacterial biofilm.

Sodium bicarbonate balances the pH of the saline solution between 7 and 9, stimulating mucociliary clearance.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide with emollient, moisturising and protective properties.

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