Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray 75ml


The Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray has a preventive action against lice. In the event of an outbreak, it prevents infestation of the scalp and provides effective protection for up to 24 hours**. Its practical and easy-to-use spray solution leaves a fresh and pleasant scent on the hair. This lice repellent can be used daily without damaging or greasing the hair.

  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: The Puressentiel Head Lice & Nit Repellent Spray prevents against head lice. In the event of an outbreak, it prevents a scalp infestation & offers effective protection up to 24 hours**
  • NATURAL & PLANT BASED: 100% natural active ingredients head lice repellent spray. Gentle formulation, free from synthetic fragrances & pesticides. Derived from lemon eucalyptus oil with no neurotoxic insecticides
  • GENTLE: On hair and the environment. Can be used daily with­out damaging the hair or making it greasy. No neurotoxic repellents, leaves the hair smelling fresh and pleasant
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Suitable for daily use. Suitable for vegans and cruelty free
  • SAFE FOR KIDS: Puressentiel Head Lice Repellent Spray is safe for all family member aged 3+
  • Made in France



Substance active: Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized (CAS 1245629-80-4) : 10% (m/m).

How To Use:

Do not spray towards the eyes. Shield the eyes when during use. Spray 5 to 7 times (0.9 to 1.26 ml) onto the hair, focusing on sensitive areas (nape of the neck, behind the ears). During periods of infestation, spray the lotion once daily, in the morning, to ensure effective protection from lice for up to 24 hours*. Does not rinse out. Does not wipe off. Allow to dry naturally. Wash your hands after use. * 24H efficiency tested in laboratory

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