Raisins Chilean Flame 500g


As well as being a delicious sweet treat, raisins are packed full of iron and antioxidants, adding positive nutrients to your diet. Research shows that raisins can reduce blood pressure and blood sugar which can lower the risk of heart disease. Grapes naturally have high levels of antioxidants which when dried preserve these qualities. These antioxidants can prevent cell damage as well can reduce conditions such as diabetes and cancer.


Flame Raisins (also known as Chilean Flame Raisins or Red Raisins) come from the mountainous vineyards in Chile and are made from sun-drying red-skinned seedless grapes. They are typically rounder than standard Thompson Raisins and have a profoundly sweet taste, making them great for baking products such as cookies and bread.


Flame Raisins dressed with natural sunflower oil.

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