Sel de Guerande Celtic Sea Salt 500g


Celtic sea salt or Sel de Guerande Atlantic is hand-harvested on the Atlantic coast of France. It is a nationally preserved area and registered as a World Heritage Site since 2002. The region of Guerande produces the salt that is the lowest in sodium and the richest in precious beneficial elements, Ref Dr J De Langre. Since 1991, this region is classified as a national treasure.


The salt is obtained by sun and wind evaporation and it is neither filtered nor cleaned thus it is free of pollutants from mechanical and chemical processes.

This salt is composed of only 71 to 74% of sodium chloride (by comparison with most other salts are 98% sodium chloride), (ref: Dr Brian Clement). The remaining percentage is composed of organic minerals and trace elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sulphur, zinc and other nutritive elements). This is why it is grey.

Human organisms can ONLY absorb Bio-available minerals, meaning minerals which have been FIRST digested by a plant or animal (Prof Maurice Jaubert). The minerals and trace-elements in the Celtic sea salt are Bio-available which means they can be ABSORBED by the body.


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