St. Eval Scented Candles 220g


Enjoy your favorite St. Eval fragrance no matter where you are with these Tin Candles.

Beautifully scented throughout and wrapped in there timeless kraft packaging to sit beautifully in your home.

220 gram weight.


Perfect gift or little treat for yourself. Sit back and relax with a lovely burn time of up to 45 hours.


Bergamot & Nettle scented tin candles and let the uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of spice fill your home.

Orange & Cinnamon, warm, tangy and with a hint of spice, popular all year round, and not just for Christmas.

Enjoy the Joy scented tin candle with its light floral fragrance based on mimosa.

Geranium is a light, floral scent of summer blooms ‘Like dancing flowers on a summer’s day, let the mind be free and drift away’.


Each candle has been poured at St.Evals farm based factory on the beautiful North Cornish coast.


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Bergamot & Nettle, Joy, Lemon & Thyme, Orange & Cinnamon, Geranium

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