Stamford Incense Sticks Frankincense & Myrrh 20 Sticks


At the heart of the traditional Indian incense stick (or agarbatti) is the bamboo reed. Fast-growing, self-regenerating, renewable and highly sustainable, bamboo is well suited to today’s increasingly eco-conscious consumers. Stamford London incense sticks are made from natural ingredients based on this central bamboo core, free of artificial colours. They burn cleanly, evenly and gently – steadily releasing soft, aromatic perfume for around half an hour. They are classed as direct-burning, as they don’t require a separate heat source.

Frankincense and myrrh have several advantages when burned together, including lifting moods, improving focus, alertness, and congestion relief. Research has found that burning frankincense, along with myrrh, can reduce harmful airborne bacteria by 68%.


Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks are individually hand rolled incense sticks made from natural herbs, fragrant resins , essential oils and aromatic woods. Our dipped sticks are usually supplied in hex (hexagonal) packs made from 100% recyclable paper.

Common around Christmas time, but Frankincense & Myrrh are more than simply a symbol of the season.  They are plants with strong healing powers to heal on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Frankincense is native to the Mideast and Northern Africa and has been in use by the people of those regions for thousands of years.  The scent is thought to induce meditative states, reduce tension and stress, and also to lift the spirit.

Myrrh is thought to unite heaven and Earth by awakening your awareness of the higher self. In Kundalini, it is used to strengthen the bond between the crown (heaven) and base (Earth) chakras. It also helps you stay present and not worry about the future.

Simply light the tip of the Incense Stick and wait for it to glow. Then blow out the flame and place in an incense holder for beautiful fragrance throughout your home.

Directions Of Use:

  1. Place the stick into the ash catcher.
  2. Light the end of the incense stick.
  3. Let the flame burn for about 10 seconds.
  4. Gently blow out the flame.
  5. Stick your incense into the holder.
  6. Let the incense burn until it extinguishes.
  7. Practice proper fire safety.



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