Terranova Fermented JIAOGULAN 250mg 50 Capsules


Jiaogulan is a botanical native to South Asia that has been used as a rejuvenating elixir and energizer. It naturally contains polysaccharides, vitamins, amino acids, sterols, flavonoids, chlorophyll and saponins 🌿
Research has shown the adaptogenic properties of jiaogulan are similar to ginseng, but without the over-stimulating effects
The specific process used to ferment Fermogulan transforms the natural flavonoids and saponins to their highly active and bioavailable form, gypenosides, as well as allows for more antioxidant activity and better absorption


50 Capsule

Directions: As a food supplement for adults please take one capsule daily with food.

Please see individual item for a full list of ingredients.

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