Udos Choice Adults 50+ Blends Microbiotics (x30 Capsules)


Udos Choice Adults 50+ Blend Microbiotics contains 7 specific bacterial strains at an appropriate strength for seniors – designed for optimum bowel health. This probiotic helps recreates the healthy digestive environment of years gone by – and regular supplementing helps keep it that way.


Udo`s Choice Adult 50+ Blend Microbiotics:

  • Support digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats;
  • Support the immune system;
  • Support and maintain healthy immunological and inflammatory responses;
  • Support and maintain healthy intestinal flora following a course of antibiotics.


Seniors generally need a large quantity of beneficial bacteria and several varieties of bifidobacteria (which decreases with advancing years) for optimum bowel health. The specific strains used in Udos Choice Adults 50+ Blend have been specially chosen for their value ability to support lower bowel health by replenishing digestive microflora on a continuous basis and have been formulated to to the appropriate viable count.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 34 billion viable cells at time of manufacture and at least 20 billion at expiry in a base of potato starch, ascorbic acid, stearic acid, and silicon dioxide.

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