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Valerian Root (External Use Only) 50g


Valerian can also be applied to skin as a wash or bath, to treat minor skin infections and for its calming effect. Valerian root may be helpful in persons with mild sleeping disorders, but its value is reduced in cases of chronic insomnia.


In the past, valerian (Valeriana officinale) was at times considered a panacea. Already in ancient times, Dioscorides recommends valerian as a warming remedy with diuretic and menstrual effects. He calls the valerian “Phu”. Hildegard von Bingen sees in valerian a remedy for pleurisy. Hippocrates, Tabernaemontanus and Paracelsus also valued valerian as a valuable medicinal plant. Among other things, valerian was used against eye diseases, epilepsy and even against the plague. Also among the Germanic tribes, valerian, as Baldur’s plant, had the reputation of being a panacea among medicinal plants. This notion was adopted in the Middle Ages by most of the peoples in whose lands this medicinal plant was native. It was not until the 17th century that the calming effect of valerian on the nervous system became more widely known. To protect against evil spirits, valerian was hung on the door in Northern Europe. Hung in the room, a bouquet of valerian was supposed to indicate when a witch entered the room, because then it would move. To protect themselves from the devil or enchantments by witches, some people carried a piece of valerian root.


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