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Wild Irish Seaweed Sugar Kelp 40g


Sugar Kelp is similar to normal kombu.


To rehydrate: Soak in cold water for up to 5 mins with a little salt.
Salted: Wash salt off thoroughly before use.
Fresh: Rinse thoroughly before use.

Best served cooked – cook in the same way as spaghetti until al dente (11mins approx) Do not cook for more than 25mins.
Boil/Steam: As a side vegetable for fish or meat, in risotto, braised, in pasta sauce, in place of pasta. Use creams, soups, with scrambled eggs, add to sauces and condiments.
Bake/Smoke: Bake in gratins, pies, quiches, smoke and use in pates.
USES: Goes well with – Seafood, wild mushrooms, garlic, sesame, eggs, tomato, smoky flavours, paprika, cream, vinegar.

High in: Iron
Contains: Protein, Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Potassium
Vitamins: C, E

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